Bremer Schlagzeugensemble

The Bremer Schlagzeugensemble is composed of actual and former students of Prof. Olaf Tzschoppe. His focus is on the development of the percussion repertoire of the 20th / 21st century as well as the collaboration with young composers. Besides classics by Iannis Xenakis, Toru Takemitsu and Luigi Nono the ensemble played many world and german premiers e.g. transmutations by the Australian composer Anthony Pateras. It presented thematic programs around Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti and Georg Crumb and participated in multimedial events such as “In Between” (Fashion/Media/Music). In 2015 it undertook an extended concert tour to Argentina. In the same year also appeard the CD “Splash”.


upcoming events: 
17. Mai 2018 “Furioso” altes Pumpwerk, Bremen
15. Feb. 2018 “Ballet Mechanique” Sendesaal, Bremen
03. Feb. 2018 Konzerthaus Bochum
01. Dec. 2017  “Worpsweder Musikherbst 2017”
30. Oct. 2017 “Luthers Anschläge und ihr Widerhall” Kulturkirche St Stephani, Bremen
29. Oct. 2017 “Luthers Anschläge und ihr Widerhall” Zepernick
28. Oct. 2017 “Luthers Anschläge und ihr Widerhall” Potsdam
27. Oct. 2017 “Luthers Anschläge und ihr Widerhall” Magdeburg
17. June 2017  “Nacht der Klänge”  St. Petri Dom, Bremen



2015 release of the CD „Splash“.

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